Shoot It!

Hello, everybody. Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Me? I’m going to Disneyland!

I’ve been brainstorming on how in the world I’m going to make a card each day this weekend when I remembered an iPhone app I helped beta test called Shoot It! It’s available in the app store and is also available on some Blackberry phones with the goal of being available on every smart phone. Check out their site for full details.

The reason this is such a perfect solution is because you can take a picture with your phone, type up a message, and send it to anyone in the world. You can even send the same picture and message to multiple recipients. I’ve got lots of ideas brewing for this weekend and future trips to Disney or wherever we may go.

Another cool thing about sending a picture with my phone is the number of apps out there that let you add effects or writing so if you’re not the best photographer, just add a filter or funny message. I’m seriously looking forward to it and hope you are too!

If you’d like to receive a postcard from the happiest place on earth, contact me, and I’d love to send you something. Feel free to make a request, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Disclosure: I was a part of the beta testing team so I have a lot of credits to send postcards but was not asked to write this promotion. The cards come out beautifully (even from a camera phone) and are only 99 cents if shipped to the U.S. Again, check the Shoot It! site for details.



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