Dear Families,

Welcome to our Aquarium! We have a lot to learn this year; however, it will take teacher, student, and family to make it a success. Our vision statement is: Find your strength and share it. This week we will be asking each student “What is your strength?” Throughout the school year we will encourage our students to share it with others. Since we believe new strengths do appear, the students will have the opportunity to change his/her strength and be encouraged to share the new strength. Our Aquarium has one “treasured” rule: BE KIND. Each student will share with the class what being kind means to them and it will be posted on our wall.

About our Aquarium Economy… each student will be given a role. This role is the student’s daily job. When the student completes their job fully they will record their sand dollars by using a real bank register. Each student will be responsible for managing their own sand dollars. Other ways for the student to earn sand dollars are: helping others, cleaning up, behaving properly, following directions, lining up nicely, keeping materials neat and organized and so on. OH,OH! But wait! The student may also earn fewer sand dollars due to misbehavior such as: blurting out, not helping others, not completing homework, and so on. At the end of the month the student will be able to shop at the New Coral Shop, or they can save their sand dollars to be used at a later time. We believe this will not only teach them responsibility but to prepare them to manage real-life skills.

Families, it is important to us teachers to make sure your students feel safe, happy, and comfortable in our Aquarium at all times. Therefore, communication is our number one priority. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will answer you at our earliest convenience of the same day the message is left. We thank you for your support and allowing us to teach your child.

Your Aquarium Teachers