Social Media Passport

Passport Stamps

Photo by HJL

What is it?

For me, it’s a single place to keep all of my social media information. I learned about it from Charlene Kingston of Crow Info Design. Please, read about it here.

I use a SMP because I do not want to be like that photographer who had his information spread out over different places. I offer a service. I want to be found, and I want to make it as easy as possible for a potential client to do so. I also use it because of the sheer number of social media sites that I’m on. I’m not one of those who always signs up for the latest thing just to reserve my screen name. Most of these sites provide a particular service such as music, photos, video, blogging, status updates, and finding websites that would interest you. There are plenty in each category, but I try not to duplicate. I find the one in whichever category that suits me best and comes recommended.

Of course, my SMP is on yet another social media site called It is a site that wants you to “own your identity.” It is highly customizable even giving you your own .mp domain name. It is a place to not only keep your links but also your employment and educational history (much like Linked In). You can even set up different personas so that work contacts can find your professional information while your friends can find more casual information. My public persona has enough information to easily find and contact me, but not so much that makes me uncomfortable.

Want to know where I am, what I’m up to, or what I’m working on? Check me out!



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