Why am I here?

Very simply, I want to work for myself.

I am going to ASU full time to become an elementary teacher. I know that this is what I want to do with my life. I also know that it will never pay off monetarily. I’m working to remedy that before it’s even a problem.

I needed to quit my job but knew that school wouldn’t fill my time and definitely not pay my bills. I wanted to work for myself in something that I enjoy but could also be on my time table. I wanted something with longevity so that even after I fulfilled my dream of becoming a teacher, I could still do this in the summer. “This” became personal shopping.

It came from necessity but I knew it would work because a girl friend of mine always asked my opinion about what she was wearing or would always want me to go shopping with her. She even emailed me a picture when we no longer lived near each other. I know that she asked because she trusted me, but also because I would give her an honest answer and want to help her look her best. I knew that I could do this for anybody. A passing comment from a different girl friend also spurred my decision to go the personal shopper route. She said that she enjoyed shopping with me because I knew what I wanted and where to look for it so we didn’t spend ages trying to find it. I knew that these two things combined would make me perfect for the job.

All my other service ideas came from necessity and will be chronicled in future posts.



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