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Hello, parents! For many school is quickly approaching. For some, it’s started already. I’m contacting you today to offer my services. If you don’t already know, my name is Sharon Bowerman. I recently received my AA in Elementary Education from Yavapai College and am looking to help your child succeed.

I believe all children have the ability to succeed so I try tailor my approach to how each individual learns. (For more information on this, check out my blog posts on Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles.) I also have a more in-depth Philosophy of Education you can read.

I have a wide range of skills but love reading, writing, and American Sign Language (ASL). A love of reading and writing may not seem remarkable in itself, but I’ve learned that if you don’t love these things, you can’t teach them. The simple fact that I do means that I can help students write good papers and help them understand what they’re reading and maybe even why. What I’m offering is language lessons, tutoring, and an on-call answer service all via the internet.

I learned Sign Language at a very young age watching my mom interpret church services. I’ve found that it’s a useful skill to have and am offering my expertise to the whole family. The more people who know a language, the easier it is to practice.

There are many options available when it comes to picking a tutor. I would be a good choice because I have a lot of patience and am willing to figure out how a child learns. By knowing that, I know the best way to help your child understand.

Sometimes setting aside blocks of time can be difficult and while you can look up anything, sometimes you need just a little more explanation. This is what I’m hoping to offer via my on-call answer service. This service is for those specific questions that you need help with right now.

I’ve chosen to tutor online because my family doesn’t have a home base. However, I’m determined to help those around me and with the internet I can help anybody. I use Apple products making FaceTime and iMessage easy, but I can help you set up a Google Hangout or just about any other service as well as answer whatever questions you had initially.

Struggling is hard, whether it’s you trying to remember Algebra (so you can help your kid) or your child trying to wrap her mind around Shakespeare. I’m here to make the struggle easier. So if you ever feel like you’ve gotten to that point, please contact me.




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