Multiple Intelligences


Multiple intelligence basically means that different people learn in different ways. As you can see from the graphic, there are 8 different intelligences. Some people are very logical and learn through solving problems, sometimes mathematically. Others are very verbal and can easily learn key terms and other vocabulary. The naturalist applies whatever lesson needs to be learned to nature whereas the intrapersonal learner might apply those lessons to his/herself. Visual or spacial intelligence involves a lot of pictures and charts. Group learning is more attractive to the intrapersonal learner. You seek advice, work in teams, and sometimes enjoy taking the lead. If you’re a runner and find yourself figuring things out while you run, you may be a kinesthetic learner. You like to be on the move or outside while processing information. Finally, some people learn musically. According to a quiz I took from the Academy for Leadership and Development, I learn musically/rhythmically. This means that music is very important to me and either by listening to music while I study or turning a lesson into a song, I’ll learn the information much more easily. If you’d like to know how you learn, check out the Birmingham Grid for Learning Multiple Intelligences Quiz. I like this one because you choose levels of similarity. I took it and my results were very similar to the paper yes or no one referenced earlier.


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