Coat Racks

I was out shopping the other day and noticed that stores such as Ross and Bed, Bath, & Beyond actually carried coat racks. They weren’t modern or trendy but a black classic coat rack with an umbrella stand built in. However, when I went searching BB&B for the above pictures I found many different varieties ranging from $30 to $160. Now that I’ve spent even more time looking, there’s a wide variety of styles from classic to modern and trendy to simple. Some of them seem too pretty to cover with boring old coats!

I’ve always been a fan of coat racks, especially while I was living in the northeast and didn’t have a coat closet. There’s no great space in my home for a coat rack to be used for coats but how about a hat rack or a way to plan outfits? I really like the racks with hooks in the middle or continually moving down for a hat display or woman’s valet.

The more I think about other uses for a coat rack, the more I really want one.

What do you think? Do you like them? Can you think of other atypical uses for a coat rack? I’d love to hear in the comments below or talk to me on twitter.



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