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I’ve been reading a ton of interior design blogs lately and have started to save items that inspire me by using Dropbox. I’m not professionally trained nor will I ever be, but I’ve always had this dream of decorating my own home. These blogs have provided lots of insight and inspiration into my own design ideas and how I want my house to look and feel.

The purpose of reading these blogs (and almost all the others I subscribe to) is self improvement. I’m pretty smart according to report cards at least, but I know that I can always be learning. I do enjoy picking up a book or magazine every once in a while but the blogging community, especially in design, is ripe with up to date information and styles. For me, it’s a free tool to learn things like visual weight and balance and tips to hanging artwork. There are also plenty of craft ideas and fashion inspiration, which also interest me a great deal.

I’ve also found that the more I read, the more I’m inspired to write. I definitely plan on keeping it up!

So, what do you read? Blogs? Magazines? Why?



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