Thank You

I wanted to take a brief moment to publicly thank all of the people that attended my husband and I’s housewarming party on Saturday, February 28. I would definitely call it a success. Thank you all very much.

This is how I went about planning my housewarming. I started with handmade invitations to make sure the right people knew I wanted them to be there. I also sent out open invites via Twitter and set up a Twtvite for people to RSVP.

I kept the “menu” limited to finger foods. I had four different trays of food: fruit, vegetable, meat, and cheese. I also had chips, pretzels, and three different kinds of dip. I bought the freshest foods possible, and it was decimated!

There were lots of great conversations going on and a few rounds of Catch Phrase. Some guests only stayed for a few minutes due to other plans or obligations, but it meant a lot for them to make an effort to come and visit.

A few people brought gifts so I made sure to keep up with the handmade vibe and hand wrote thank-yous. Although there’s no way to tell, I made sure each message was unique and specific.

Thanks again for everyone who came and made my night great and my effort rewarding!



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