Christmas Craft Day 2009

I have less time and less money, but I really want to make this year’s Christmas Craft Day better! To help do that, I’ll be posting pictures and tutorials of all the crafts available at this year’s event. If you can’t come and socialize, you’ll at least be able to make the things that people will *hopefully* be talking about.


On the list:
Glass ornaments. How to get creative with mistakes.
Styrofoam ornaments. Careful that glue is hot!
Paper boxes. Reuse Christmas cards.
Paper snowflakes. So that’s how they do it!
Snow globes. My very own wintery scene.
Quick gift ideas because there are so many we love.

The details of the craft day can be found on Facebook. It lets you RSVP and suggests items to bring to help with the event. Future posts will include even more ideas of items to bring or to experiment with at home. What you really need to know is that it is on Saturday, December 5th from 10 am to 4 pm at Gangplank HQ. The address is 325 E Elliot Road in Chandler, Arizona.

I would like this event to be more for adults although it is definitely kid friendly. My goals are for people to learn creative ways to decorate their homes or make gifts and have fun while doing it. It’s also a way to build community through creativity.

If you’d like to help, please donate. I hope to see you there! Happy holidays.



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