Photo by stevendepolo

Photo by stevendepolo

I know that this is true but after today I feel the need to say: TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

I had the business idea to become a personal shopper just about a year ago. In November 2008, I attended PodCamp AZ. I was intrigued by a topic called “Claim Your Passion! Create clarity about your specific direction” by Sharon Hooper. I came out with the goal to be a personal shopper that fits any budget by September 1, 2009. I made a commitment to spend at least one day every week to further that goal.

I set up a website, submitted my business to Google local, learned a little SEO, ordered business cards and tried blogging. I even started doing things in my community to try to get my name out there. My efforts seemed to die early March. I can’t think of any major event or disaster that kept me from it; I just stopped trying.

Here I am on September 1, 2009 blogging again. Something must have happened, right? Right! On August 17th, I got a phone call from a potential client for an interior design job. I got another one today for a personal shopper. I can’t say that I’ve fully made my goal, but I feel confident that I’m on my way.



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