Redesign and Exercise

It looks like my website needs another redesign. I’ve been in a writing mood lately, and I already pay for this site so I’m hoping to post more often. The thing is, I’ll no longer be posting along a theme. I don’t have my crafting supplies so no more “Handmade by Shay,” and I’ve finished my Intro to Education class (which I made nearly a perfect score in) so no more assignments being graded on here. Basically, things are about to get personal.

I’ll probably do an “update on us” blog post soon but my thoughts today are geared towards exercise. I just finished a 1 mile run/walk and gloriously cool shower. (We’re in humid South Texas.) I recently read an article written by an acquaintance of mine about Spotify playing songs based on your natural running cadence. I don’t already pay for that service and don’t really have the money to start so where does that leave me? I have a pretty extensive iTunes library thanks to Family Share, but I have no idea what the beats per minute are. Is there an app for that? I’m not sure although there is a column/detail specifically for bpm.

What I hope to find is an application that will comb through my iTunes and fill in that small space. After that, I don’t mind creating playlists manually, and thanks to smart playlists, I might not have to.



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