Reading and Writing

Photos by kwerfeldein and churl*

I’ve found that in order to write, I have to read. In school, I always had to write book reports, which meant I had to read the book. Some of the best writing I’ve done has been based on a topic I’ve read about. I envy fiction writers. It seems they can write from their own imaginations. I’m sure most have outward inspiration, but it’s still unique. I’m definitely not a fiction writer. For me, in order to write, I must read. It can’t be just anything either. I’ve read some fun fiction while on vacation but nothing I want to write about. I’ve been seriously neglecting twitter and google reader so I have little in my head to mull over and potentially write about. I managed to “stock up” on blog posts before my vacation but next time I plan on keeping up with the inspiration.

* Reading picture. Writing picture.



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