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I’m in the beginning steps of personal reinvention. I’ve been floundering for a while no longer feeling productive or useful at home. Friends of mine know that I considered enlisting in the military to solve my problems. It is not ruled out, but I am no longer actively pursuing that route. After a long talk with a dear friend and mentor, I have decided to reassert my efforts to becoming a helper.

Now that I’ve had help focusing, there are many options available to me instead of drumming up business on my own. In a traditional sense a helper is usually called a personal or administrative assistant. That’s one route I’m pursuing so if you need an assistant or your office does or just someone you know might, please drop me a line. Another option I’d like to pursue is volunteering my time and talents to a project, group, or organization that I like and needs help. From this I hope to learn and grow as well as make useful contacts.

My first step has been to reinvent my resume. A traditional, chronological resume is not much help when I am trying to start something new. With help, I decided I needed to list my skills, talents, and experience in a way that shows I would be an asset to any team. I came up with a modern photo resume that starts with a smile and my strengths. I’m sure it won’t appeal to typical HR types, but I’m inspired by my community to not be typical.

I’m still trying to figure things out, but I definitely feel more focused and confident than I did a week ago. I appreciate all of you who have helped me out during this rough time.


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Glad you posted this update! Those moments of clarity are such a gift! I’m excited to hear you’ve found a new focus and are already pursuing your goals.

I haven’t heard of a photo resume before. Interesting idea! The link just took me to a sign-in page, though. Was it supposed to?


I was hoping it would take people to my resume. Gotta see if I can fix it. Thanks for letting me know.


Nice work, and GOOD LUCK!

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