My iPad, My computer

Anyone who knows my husband and I could probably tell you that we are very big Apple fans and almost always have the latest and greatest Apple product. We were a little late to the iPod game but have owned just about every type since the first Nano (which I affectionately named Slim). My husband has owned each generation of iPhone and typically got them on release day with the exception of the latest 4.0 release. We followed a similar trend with iMacs and MacBooks so of course the iPad was a must have.

My husband purchased (on release day once again) a Wifi only 32G iPad and the wonderful black Apple case. I pestered him so much to borrow it that I had my own just a week later. My iPad, Titan, has replaced my need and desire for a typical laptop. The transition from MacBook to iPad has been just flawless. It was made easier with a Mobile Me account and familiarity with iOS. There were a few laptop features that I needed to find app replacements for such as keycahin and documents. I now use mSecure for all my password needs and a mixture of iDisk and Pages for iPad for my documents. I now rely heavily on “the cloud” for access to photos, documents, and links; but I do still have access to a desktop for iTunes and iPhoto syncing. However the latter is less and less necessary with my new camera connection kit. Now I just need to figure out how to get those photos online. I’m sure I will rely on email more and more as a great solution to many problems.

I still have my white MacBook, but it is waiting for some new owner so it can say “Welcome.”


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You’re a bit off on the comparison to the Kindle. There’s no way the iPad is as good as the Kindle. Reading on an LCD baciklt screen is nowhere near as comfortable as reading eInk. The Kindle will also blow the iPad away on several other eReader points. Battery life for one, 10 hours vs. several weeks on the Kindle. Weight and comfort are also MAJOR factors. In fact any eInk reader will beat the iPad. But beside that the iPad is very cool.

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