List expansion

Recently, I posted the beginnings of my own bucket list and received a comment from someone I didn’t know.

Jesse Harding is only 17 years old and has over 250 items on his list. I read through them and was inspired. I’ve decided to add quite a few more things to my list, including some of those already accomplished albeit important things.

Jesse has his own site in keeping up with his list, and I’m considering adding in something similar. I wouldn’t want it to be the main focus like his but something for the people who really care to know as well as a constant reminder to me.

More things I want…

to watch AFI’s 100 movies of all time

to ride in a hot air balloon

to see the sun rise on the east coast and watch it set on the west in the same day

to give blood

to meet someone famous

to own a home (done)

to get married (done)

to see the Summer and Winter Olympics

to live in a place where I don’t need a car

to drive all of Route 66

to drive along the western US coast

to eat my way through Britain

to watch fireworks from a rooftop

to read every book I own

to see Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show (done)

to see a play on Broadway

to ice skate at Rockefeller plaza

to get a tattoo (done)

to learn to dance

to be an organ donor

to go skinny dipping

to be in two places at once  (done)

to travel by train



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