Information Overload

If you’re reading this, it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s from some form of RSS reader. Many people I know get the majority (if not all) of their news in this way. I know I use it to learn about crafts, design, what’s going on with friends, and what’s going on in my community. The first two items frequently have pictures or tips or bits of information that I’d like to keep and refer back to later. I’ve used NetNewsWire and Google Reader to keep up with these things by adding them to my clippings or starring the items.

My problem today, however, is that I’m ready to look through some of this information again but don’t know where to start. I have clippings in NNW organized into folders for easy reference but my starred items in Google Reader are not organized in any way. I even have lots of information stored in delicious for “future reference.”

Do any of you have this problem? Do you try to save all the information in one place? Is it organized at all?

I plan on making the move back to NNW because my clippings can be organized into folders and archived on my computer. I’ll tackle my delicious problem some other day. At least I’ve tagged those pretty well.



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