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There have been a few of the 100 things lists going around the blogosphere, and I’ve seriously considered participating. I’ve typed up the beginnings of my list and don’t even have 20 items. I guess I’m not much of a dreamer or a long term planner, but I like the idea and the thinking that these lists have brought about. I hope to continually add to my list as I learn about new things, especially since I have a few items that are not well defined and may take a lifetime to accomplish. There are things that I have done that some people (especially of my age) might consider great accomplishments. However, I’m hesitant to add those things to my list because they’re not dreams I’ve always had.

What do you think? Have you written a list? Did you purposely not include things like I did?

Here is the beginning of my things I want to do before I die:

I want …
to live outside the US (preferably all of North America) for at least one year
to become a teacher
to see the Grand Canyon, Hollywood sign, Redwood forest, Old Faithful, etc. (US landmarks, basically)
to visit every Disney resort (2 of 5 done)
to buy myself a car
to own a scrapbook store
to visit all 50 states in an RV (except Hawaii for the RV part)
to visit Egypt, Greece, Russia, Japan, and Spain
to gamble in Vegas with confidence
to decorate my home
to read more diversely
to be debt free
to make my own clothes
to be fluent in four languages (1 of 4 down)
to be a mother
to personally mentor a child
to help build a home with Habitat for Humanity
to donate my hair (done once already)
to be financially independent


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I think that these lists are great ideas. They cause people to think about what it is that they truly want in life, as well as give them a way to dream about the possibilities. I’ve written a list of my own that is on my blog and I’ve had a lot of fun crossing items off. I actually chose to include things that I had already done because I thought that they would be great motivators to show me the amazing things that I’ve already experienced. I love your list and they all seem like things that you can do without too much difficulty. Best of luck with your list!

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