Valdez #14

Today is my boss’ oldest son’s birthday. He’s a big football fan and turning 14 years old so I made a Chicago Bears jersey just for him. I started with a dark blue shirt form that folds at the shoulders, white cardstock for the numbers and letters, and orange sharpies for the outlines of the white. After I googled what a jersey looked like, I learned that the orange is on either side of the white with very small stripes.

I figured out pretty quickly that hand cutting the letters for the last name would be pretty tricky and time consuming so I grabbed my alphabet stickers to see what I had. The only thing close were some black block letters that I decided to paint white.

Once I had the paint out, I realized it would be a lot easier to paint directly onto the cardstock. After that everything came together quickly and easily.
Pre-orange striping

Final product front…
Post orange striping - front

and back.
Post orange striping - back

I delivered it to his parents on Thursday, and they both loved it. I hope he does too!



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