Orange Birthday

I started today’s card with the idea another year older and another year wiser. When I asked my hubby for his opinion, he said that it was kinda cliche but a nice idea. So here’s my upgraded version.

The first things I wanted to dig out after figuring out my phrase were stickers. I decided to use orange cardstock to match the stickers and made a trifold card.


I have a lot of stickers that may have worked for my message today but wanted to get the card done fairly quickly so I hand wrote it. I used lined paper for the front of the card to help keep my writing neat since the sticker on the front used a neat sans sarif font.



The next flap of the card says “take them to heart” so I used cursive, a red sharpie, and red heart stickers. I also used a worn leather-looking paper but the cursive didn’t show up so it’s a matte behind the message.



On the inside, I used my natural handwriting (a mix of print and cursive), water color-looking paper, and smiley face stickers.



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