What is a School?

  1. Before you read on, how would you answer the question, “What is a school?”
  2. Which of the descriptions best describes your understanding of schools? Which least describes your understanding?

What is a school? A school is a place where young people gather and learn. Hopefully they learn subjects like math, history, and science but more importantly they learn how to socialize, create, express themselves, and treat others with respect.

“A school is a place where we explore who we really are and how we can become full, creative human beings.” That most closely matches my own description of a school. Most of the other descriptions may be true in some places, but they’re not how I understand schools to be. I was lucky to grow up in a family as much as it was a school. This description- “A school is an institution where the dead wisdom and worn-out skills of the past are force-fed to the young”- is what I don’t want a school to ever be.



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