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Today was the first time in a long time that I was back in an elementary classroom. I went to Abia Judd Elementary in Prescott to help out in a 4th grade classroom. I spent only an hour there, but I can’t wait to get back. It was their reading time. I spent about the first half hour in the classroom following along and observing the teacher as they finished a story about Martin Luther King, Jr. When it was time to take their test, I went into the hallway with one of the kids and read about Amelia Earhart.

The young boy I was reading to was obviously smart- he was able to answer a bunch of my questions- but seemed to have a little trouble reading. I’m not 100% clear on why he didn’t have to take the test, but I definitely think he needed the one-on-one. I look forward to watching him and getting to know the class as a whole.

The brief amount of time I was able to observe was beneficial. It was obvious that the teacher had set up procedures and that they were effective. They walked through the halls quietly after lining up single file and quickly returned to their seats once we were at the classroom. The teacher would call “high 5,” and the students would raise their hands and stop talking. This was particularly effective after they had been talking in small groups or pairs.

I was really impressed by some of these kids. They’re 8-10 years old and already including the question they were asked in their responses as well as phrases like I’d like to add to what he said. I was also reminded about how much kids like to mimic, especially after another student receives a compliment for doing something right. Most kids also want their moment to read or speak even if they’re just repeating what someone else just said. I liked that (for the most part) the teacher let them.

I’ll be spending an hour in this classroom on most Thursday afternoons, and I am really looking forward to it.



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