Decision and Reflection

  1. Are you really and truly using all the resources available to you to help you make a conscious and clearly thought-out decision about your future career? What can you do to enhance your chances of making a good career decision?
  2. Have you acquired the mental habit of reflecting on your experiences?

There are quite a few resources available to those interested in teaching. What may seem like the most difficult is one I believe to be most useful- real encounters. This just means spending time in a classroom or around school children. For me, it’s been a mixture of student-teaching, babysitting, coaching jobs, and volunteering. I had a blast in each of those experiences. Another resource is vicarious experiences or really learning from others. Find other teachers and listen to their stories. Learn from their mistakes and successes. Other options are to observe fictional classrooms in movies or read about them. There are plenty of movies I’ve seen that depict classrooms and teachers, but I look forward to watching them again from a different perspective and with a more critical eye. Seeking guidance from friends and family is another good resource no matter what you want to do for a career. From those who know me best, I’ve gotten plenty of encouragement to pursue teaching. All of these different resources are virtually useless if you don’t take the time to reflect upon what you’ve learned. I’m working on making this a habit, and I’m sure writing about it will help. I’m already thinking about my previous “real encounters” in a brand new way.



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