Aquarium Procedures

Following are a few procedures that we use to help our guppies successfully participate in class.

The entrance into the classroom is a doorway to learning. Each morning, students will be directed to put things away neatly, choose their supplies, and work on solving a brain teaser. Some of the puzzles may be riddles; some may be questions regarding appropriate behavior; sometimes there can be a math problem and so on. When students are finished with this task or any other individual work, there is a list of things that can be done next so other students can continue to work.

The way that we share responses is specific, especially when we want everyone to participate. Our guppies sit in a fish bowl shape so there is an obvious order. We start at one end of the bowl and proceed fish by fish to the other end. This gives each fish time to plan what they are going to say since they can see when they will be sharing.

Since our treasured rule is to be kind, the students will be giving examples on the first day during circle time. Throughout the year, whenever we see different acts of kindness, we will add to the be kind poster.

There are many of these procedures in place so that each fish in the Aquarium can feel safe, accepted, and successful.



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