Christmas Craft Day 2010

It’s that time of year again where I bring together some fun Christmas ideas all in one place online and at Gangplank! The third annual Christmas Craft Day is this Saturday, December 11 starting at 10:00 am at Gangplank, which is now located at 250 S Arizona Ave in Chandler, AZ.

Most of my finds this year have been through dedicated craft blogs such as CraftyNest and The Creative Place.

As always, I’ll be providing the needed supplies but whatever you may have will be greatly appreciated.

My focus this year is on paper crafts and craft sticks.

My first idea is silhouettes. There is a projector at Gangplank which we can use to cast shadows on the wall and trace the shape of the head. All we need is large, fun paper; scissors; glue for mounting; and a pencil.

Idea number two comes from How About Orange. It’s a simple paper ornament made from colorful copy paper. I have construction paper and ways to make your own with a spirograph, stamps, or stickers. Other supplies needed are string to hang it, staples, and double sided tape.

I found another great paper ornament idea at The Creative Place that needs 7.5″ by 4″ paper, small brads, a paper cutter, and a hole punch.

The last two ideas use craft sticks. CraftyNest has a great tutorial on giant snowflakes in three different styles. We just need craft sticks, hot glue, a string for hanging, and stuff for decorating. I have paint, glitter, and sequins to get things started.

The last craft is preschool friendly and found in Disney’s Family Fun magazine. It’s a Christmas tree from craft sticks! We just need a fat stick for the trunk and increasingly smaller skinny sticks for the branches. There are the same supplies available for decorating your tree including stars for the tops.

Even if you can’t make it out on Saturday, I hope you find these crafts fun and useful.

Merry Christmas!



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