You’re A Star

I didn’t have an idea when I sat down at my desk today so I grabbed my folders full of stickers and flipped through them. I saw some star stickers left over from a previous project and remembered I still had some of the complementary papers. I pulled out some other stickers with stars on them, the striped paper, and a piece of brown cardstock. I decided that the card would say “you’re a star” but didn’t really have any alpha stickers or rub-ons that matched my color scheme so I also grabbed a stencil with a fun font.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to get the message on the brown cardstock without using some kind of matte on top of the striped paper. I figured out that I had enough stars to put one letter on each. I used an orange fine tip sharpie on the yellow stars and a green one on the orange stars. It’s hard to tell but what looks like a piece of yellow-orange cardstock is really a bright orange sticker sheet. I glued down the striped paper almost like the inset of a door and stuck my lettered star stickers on top of that. I needed to make sure that a message could be written inside the card so I found a scrap of a creamy colored cardstock and glued it to the inside.

Here’s the final product:

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