I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I sat down today so I grabbed my words & phrases folder and found a nice quote “gratitude is the memory of the heart.” I pulled out complementary papers and inks and got started.

I folded the bright green, flowery paper for my card. I decided to mount the dark green sticker on a scrap of brown cardstock and stamp “thank you” three times with green ink on yellow cardstock. I didn’t re-ink between stamps to give it a faded effect.

I trimmed down the cardstock so the brown was a small outline of the sticker and the yellow only showed the three thanks-yous. I laid it out on my card again and decided the flowers and card itself needed a bit more definition. I took my green ink to the outside of the card and my green fine tip sharpie to a few of the flowers that would show.

I also took my brown ink to the edges of the yellow cardstock and glued everything down.



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