Pink & Brown

Today’s card is good for any occasion. The only thing I started with was the paper I knew I wanted to use.

Each paper is two sided with either pink or brown on the opposite side. I chose the light pink flowery print with the light pink on the other side for my card. I had a difficult time trying to figure out which other paper to use so I didn’t. I still like the way brown looks with that pink so I took my brown fine tip sharpie and traced around some of the white flowers. After this, I was sure I didn’t want to use any of the other papers. I opened up my embellishment drawer to see what I could use and my chipboard frames jumped out at me. I pulled out an oval one and colored it brown with my medium point brown sharpie.

To make the card customizable, I took a scrap of my flowery paper and cut it to fit behind the oval, pink facing out. From there I just glued everything down. Here’s a shot of the supplies I used:

And the final product.

Remember, if you have the need for a card, contact me. I’ll help design one personal and unique for that special occasion. Purchase this card as part of the Blank Floral Set.



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