Key to My Heart

Today, I wanted to make another baby card but my ingredients didn’t quite mix that way. I started with a two-toned piece of pink cardstock, trimmed it, and folded it. When I realized the baby stuff I pulled out didn’t match, I grabbed my templates and die cuts folder to see what I could find. I found a key cutout and an old Victoria’s Secret heart that I thought I could use as a stencil.

I took a silver pen and traced around the key. I did the same with a red sharpie and the heart.

The next thing I wanted to do was get the intricate carvings of the heart onto the paper. I though I could use it like a stencil with paint and a sponge. The heart was too thick so I decided to just sponge apply the paint without the heart.

The inside was easy because I had just bought some nice silver alpha stickers. I drew some guide lines and stuck down the message, “the key to my heart is you.”

Here’s the final front:

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