Get Well Soon

I made this card with thoughts of a girl friend of mine who has the flu. I was given a nice scrapbooking set with lots of matching embellishments and thought this would be a good time to bring them out. Here’s the collection of flowers…

and the paper and stickers I wanted to use.

I started by cutting a piece of burgundy cardstock and folding it into a tent card. The green striped paper already had that curve in it so I trimmed it down to the width of the card, curve facing up. For the wording, I started with “soon” and stuck the stickers down onto a cream colored cardstock that would then go onto the striped paper. I decided then that I would matte all of the words onto the cardstock and line them up on the right of the card with a flower in the upper left hand corner. I remembered I had matching buttons so I pulled out a cream colored one for the center of an olive green flower. Here’s a shot of things coming together:

Here’s the final product:

Feel better soon, W!

Purchase this card as part of a set here: Get Well Soon Set.


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Thanks so much Shay! I didn’t get out of bed yesterday, but today I’m feeling much better thanks to your sweet card. I love it! The colors are so monochromatic. Well done & can’t wait to see you Thursday!

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