Gangplank Postcard

On Wednesdays, I try to spend time at Gangplank. Yesterday was one where I spent most of the day. I know I’m going to be traveling soon so in preparation, I decided to make a card from the supplies and free stuff around the office. Here’s what I found:

I cut down the stickers into just flames and “life runs on” and placed them on the notecard. I also found a sharpie that matched the flame color.

I wrote an ellipses after “life runs on” and wrote “whatever fuels you” on the back. I also drew lines to show it’s a postcard. This is what it looked like:

I’m not sure if you can tell but there is some major bleed through from the marker. The solution I came up with is two cards taped together. I also decided to take the blue dots from the “i”s of the flame stickers for my ellipses.
Here’s a shot of everything written and stuck down.

I finished with taping the two sides together.



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