Friendship Messages

Since today’s card is the last card of this kit I’m going to feature, I decided to go ahead and make both versions.


The largest section of this card features a reversible message of friendship that matches the rest of the embellishments no matter which side is facing up. With that in mind, I decided to use photo corners so the sender of the card can decide which message is better for the recipient.


Next, I glued down the small piece of pink and yellow cardstock, yellow face up because it matches both messages better than the pink flowers. I did this on both cards.


The last step was to embellish the bottom of the card with the provided stickers, pearls, and die cuts. I used double stick foam on the die cuts to keep the message easily reversible.



Purchase these two friendship cards as part of a set here: Floral Set 1 or Floral Set 2.



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