Dotted Birthday

I had what I thought would be a simple idea for my birthday card. It turned out to be a bit more tedious, but I like the result. At first, I couldn’t find the polka-dotted paper I was looking for so I grabbed a paper with larger dots, cut it, and folded it. I punched out the die cuts for the “happy birthday” message and filed the edges. I laid out the message and card but didn’t like how it looked. I kept experimenting and tweaking until I finally found the cardstock I really wanted. I poked holes through the die cuts and threaded them on a piece of string woven-like. I knotted each end and stuck them down. I wanted to leave them loose, but I knew the message would get messed up as soon as it went into the envelope. I used a few small foam dots to keep it together but still dimensional. Visit my Etsy shop to purchase Dotted Birthday Card.








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