Lego Time Cards

Today’s Handmade by Shay is definitely a step away from the norm. Lately, I’ve been keeping track of how I spend my time. My husband came up with a great way of doing this for his business. I’ve adopted it and spent some time helping him organize and merchandise it. His idea is to track time using Legos. For his business, which is software development, he has a 6 stud by 10 stud platform to represent his work day. Each stud represents a 15 minute block of time. To represent how he spends his time, he assigns a certain color brick to certain projects and includes a color for breaks! We just received his order from Lego so we spent some time putting the kits together today. To start off with the kits have a single 6 by 10 platform and three colors of 1 by 1 and 2 by 2 bricks. We had fun choosing the color combos and names. The especially great part that we’re still working on is the packaging! If you’re interested in this fun, better time card, contact me! I’ll be posting more about the packaging once the kinks are worked out!

Blazing Sun



Faded Glory

Alien Invaders (green)

Alien Invaders (red)



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